Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Cara Box reveal!

Well, May is almost over. I had a wonderful time getting to know two amazing women this month, receiving an awesome box from one of them, and sending an awesome box to the other one! This month's theme was regional, so we all thought of whatever we could from our region that we could send to our new blogger-friends.

If you missed my last Cara Box post, it is basically a little gift exchange between bloggers (and non-bloggers can participate also!). You spend a month getting to know someone, you exchange emails, you look at their blog, and then at the end of the month you send them a box of stuff that you think they'd like. You can learn more about the Cara Box exchange here.

I sent a box to Britt from ItBritt, and I received a box from Jenn from Bad Luck Jenn. Go ahead and check out their blogs, you will not be disappointed!

Jenn really did a good job finding things out about me, and I love love love my box! Actually, I was having a pretty horrible day when it came in the mail. It cheered me up significantly. She even included a few things for my sweet fur-babies!! Since we are living in the same region but in different states, she chose to focus a little bit more on things from Alabama, so she labeled everything with neat facts about how it relates to her state! I loved that.

She included an ice cream scoop and ice cream bowls, as well as Nutter Butters because she knows I have a crazy sweet tooth, bakeware because she knows I love to bake, red nail polish (one of the AL colors!) because I love to paint my nails, some little mice and a chirping cricket for the cats, and a raccoon toy for Clyde! So sweet!

Yes, I do shave FatSpice myself. I am not a good barber! :(

This is literally three minutes after I took the cricket out of the box.

He was guarding this, but Darwin has been the one who has been playing with it! Haha!

Thanks so much, Jenn. You did such a good job! :)

This was my second time doing the Cara Box Exchange, and both times have been a great experience. I will definitely be doing it again, so stay tuned!


  1. Britt is awesome! she sent me my first Cara Box :D

  2. I'm sooo glad you liked it! And that the babiesliked it too!! I love seeing happy fur-babies :) it was great getting to know you this month!!