Monday, June 24, 2013

Organizing for the creative person, part 2 (the shoe and handbag edition)

OMG! Finally! A break in the schoolwork. I know it isn't going to last long, though. I cannot believe how much work this summer semester has been. I am, after all, taking three classes. I should have figured!

Well, my sweet M is coming home very soon from his year long stint overseas, and I could not be happier. My goal was to have the entire house free of all extra, unwanted and unnecessary stuff, but of course, my aspirations were high and I have not quite met them. With the amount of schoolwork I have, M will be lucky just to come home to a clean house! :) If you ask him, though, he doesn't care what it looks like or how messy it is... all he wants is to be home with us (me and the furbabies). Awwww. This is why I married him!

I HAVE been doing a few little things here and there in between all of my homework, papers and tests. One of the main things I have done is to make sure that my clothes, shoes and purses are organized (read: in the places they are supposed to be and NOT spilling over into every available inch of closet and storage space in the house, including what is M's). Some time ago I came up with a great shoe storage idea, and then recently I decided that I would organize my purses in a nice neat little display as well.

This is the guest bedroom, so any guests that stay at our house get to look at this wonderful collection. :)

Here is what I did: 

These are shoe shelves I picked up from both Target and Walmart over the years, and I stacked them on top of each other to take up as much vertical space as possible.

And now for the purses:

I used command hooks. I chose the ones that could hold the most weight, and of course the purses are all empty. I have had only one issue with the sticky thing falling off the wall. I suspect this is either due to the CRAZY humidity down here in the South, or the weight of the purses that were on it, or both.

... and I saved some space in the shoe shelves for my clutches and small handbags.

And then of course there is a small area for my craft books, various perfumes and lotions, and some boxes of craft supplies at the bottom.

I am not even going to show you the closet. :) I am sooo not done organizing that yet! I hope you like my "princess room". It takes everything I have to stay organized!

Stay tuned. I have a couple cute refashions in the works! :)


  1. so many shoes! ^^ and i love what you did with the bags. decorative as well as useful!

  2. Thank you!! I honestly got really sick of the bags always being misshapen from just sitting around in a bin or on a shelf or the floor (ugh, I know, bad me. the floor!!). Oh, so many shoes! I love heels! :)