About Me

I 30, an Air Force veteran, and have been married for over 3 years. I am also "mommy" to two cats and a dog. They all found us, and they are all black!

I was in the Air Force for six years. It took me to some beautiful and amazing places. I really enjoyed my job and the experiences I had while I was in the military. It is like no other experience I have ever had and joining was the best choice I ever made! I separated from the Air Force in March of 2012 and went immediately to graduate school. I have my Bachelor's degree in Middle Eastern Studies and got my MBA in December, 2013. I now live and work in the Washington, DC area.

While I was in the military, I met my amazing husband, Michael (who was in the Navy). We worked together, and did not really like each other at first! I fell for him as soon as I saw how funny he is, and how great his dimples are. :) We had an amazing wedding, and it was so fun to plan- it was all DIY and very elegant and classy... and inexpensive! There will be at least one post here about our wedding and some money-saving tips when planning one.  Here are a few of our wedding pictures, all copyright Del Duncan Photography (feel free to look at the rest on his website).

 My brother rode me into the ceremony in a pedi-cab!

 ... and my sweet husband lent me his jacket because it was freezing outside!

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  1. Cool story! I am also a veteran and future MBA. Best wishes to you and husband :-)