The "kids"

The husband and I have a very happy little family with our three sweet furbabies. We love them so much!

First, I have to acknowledge Darwin. I had him since he was a tiny baby, and when we bought our house and moved in November 2014, he slipped out the door and went missing. We had a lot of calls saying people had found him, but none of those cats were Darwin. We miss him so much.

One of the calls we got from someone saying they thought they had found Darwin yielded this little jewel, who we named Norman.

Our lovely lady is FatSpice. She was originally a shelter kitty and has moved across the country at least once. We love her so much. She is so motherly to us- when she hears a noise, she runs to each window to check it out. I think she may be as protective as the dog. She is a big kitty. She weighs about 20 lbs. She's fat, of course (which we have been working on), but she is a really big-boned kitty too. We suspect part Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat, but be have no idea. Here she is:

That last picture is a great one. :) I caught her yawning.

The final addition to our happy home is our dog, Clyde. We got him from a friend of ours a few years ago. He is our big cuddly man. He is such a calm, amazing dog. He loves vegetables, begging for food, walks, cuddling, and swimming in mud pits. What a sweet dog. He really is our best friend. :) Here he is:

The second picture is my husband and I the day after our wedding taking a photo with the dog on my parents' porch steps, and the last picture is a picture of Clyde laying with his "aunt" Lucy (my family dog from childhood who passed away in 2014)


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