Monday, May 13, 2013

Bare walls be gone... and you too, huge collection of loose buttons!

Finally, a break from school. Only until Wednesday, unfortunately, and then the summer semester starts. Homework, reading, studying, tests and papers all come with it. I am excited though, because this means I am closer to finishing!

During this (week long) break, I intended to finish SO MANY projects... but instead I slacked. I spent time with friends, I slept, I went running... all of it well-deserved. I did finish a few things. The first thing I really wanted to take care of was the fact that M and I have a ton of wall space behind our bed that was not being used. As with the rest of the house, I was sick of the neutral-colored decorating scheme I had used when we first moved in, in an attempt to decorate "more like an adult"... whatever that is. I wanted some color. I also wanted to figure out a use for the literally hundreds of buttons I had stashed away. I found another painting on Pinterest that used buttons as leaves, and thought that this would be a great use for my collection, and a great way to add whimsy and color to our bedroom wall.

 I originally took pictures of each step of the process so that I could post a tutorial, but those were accidentally deleted when the formatting of my SD card went all wacky. I am so bad with technology, I would not even know what the problem was. Darn it.
So here is how I made these:

- I spray painted each canvas a different color. It took a few coats, but I like using spray paint because it is shiny and pretty and bright, as well as really easy to use. It is also very quick.
- I then drew my design onto the spray painted canvas in pencil. Another awesome thing about spray paint is that it is easy to draw on, and then erase if you make a mistake.
- After drawing on the design, I outlined it with the color paint I wanted my tree to be. I used acrylic paint and a VERY thin brush. After outlining, I carefully filled it in with a thicker brush, being careful to stay in the lines I had made. It took several coats to completely cover the area.
- When I had finished putting all of the coats of paint onto the tree, I let it dry and then set my buttons on the canvas where I thought they looked good. I used craft glue one one, and super glue on the other (because I could not find my craft glue), and both worked very well.

Here is how they look on our wall (along with some little boxes I found at Michael's and painted): 

Please excuse my inability to take a picture that isn't crooked!!

So, I hope you like my whimsical trees. I make them to order in my Etsy shop!

How do you creatively fill the walls in your bedroom? Do you prefer a really put-together look, or a more bohemian one?

Until next time!


  1. i love this idea! it looks great :D

  2. This is too cute! I love paired paintings!

  3. Love these adorable~
    have a great week-end.
    (visiting via BBN)


    1. Thank you Pia! You have a great weekend too! Your blog is adorable by the way!