Saturday, December 19, 2015

My Gift From Influenster: Honeywell Console Humidifier

By now, I am sure you all know the joys of Influenster, but in case you don't, it is a wonderful site that sends full-size products to its members for testing purposes. You take surveys, unlock badges, and get free products to try! If this sounds good to you and you'd like to sign up, below is my personal referral link:

Now for the main event: my review of the Honeywell Console Humidifier I was sent for testing purposes! First of all, this could not have come at a better time. It started to get cold, we turned the heat on, and all of a sudden our noses were so dry they felt like they would crack and fall off! Influenster sent this humidifier and we were saved! 

The positives: this unit holds a serious amount of water. That means that it won't run out of water overnight and just be running like the humidifiers I grew up with did (I am sure technology has progressed since then). We have had it plugged in and running for about a week and it still isn't out of water. The other great thing is that you can set the level of moisture you want in the air and the unit will run until that level is reached and then cut off. When the moisture level drops below your desired level, the unit starts running again. That auto-off feature is my favorite thing about this unit... it takes away any worry I would have had of leaving the thing on accidentally. 

The negative: the only negative to this console is the size. This thing is pretty big. If you live in a place with limited space, it will take up quite a bit. It isn't really a problem for us, because I know that the reason we don't have to fill it up very often is because of its size. 

If you're looking to buy this Honeywell Console Humidifier, you can do so at Amazon or Walmart

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