Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fabulous Fall Sweater Refashion

Fall is my absolute favorite season! I love falling leaves, cozy warm food, fall fashion, but most of all, I love the cooler temperatures (like a true Northern girl)!

I found this really cool sweater dress from the 80s (I am guessing) at my favorite thrift store in the South while visiting my granny, and I have been saving it for the cooler temperatures.

I don't think I have mentioned this before, but I usually do not try things on when I am in the store. This is especially true if they are cheap like the "stuff a bag" thrift store I love, and anything that is inexpensive. If I am in an actual store, I will try things on. :) In the case of this particular sweater-dress, I tried it on when fall was approaching and realized that the top fit perfectly, but the hips and butt were a little too tight for what I like, so I thought it would make a wonderful sweater!

I love the pattern, it is just 80s enough. I also love the sleeve length and the little front buttons. There is a bonus... it has pockets!

Since it is knit, and me + knit almost always equals a disaster when using the sewing machine, I tried something new. I folded the bottom raw edge over once and used the sewing machine on it. As expected, it was really uneven and unsteady-looking. After that, I folded that end over one more time and sewed it by hand with a whip stitch from the inside. That worked marvelously! I love this sweater.

Since the bottom of the dress didn't fit, I took the before picture on my dress form.

You'll have to pardon my use of bathroom selfies... I haven't worn this sweater out yet (because it has still been a little too warm, darn it!), my sweet husband wasn't awake yet to take a picture, and I was just so excited to share it with you! :)

Look how cool the pockets are!

I love the henley-type buttons on the top!

Are you doing any fall refashioning? I would love to hear about it!