Wednesday, September 23, 2015

DIY Your Jewelry and Never Be Without the Perfect Accessory!

When I look around at the people I know and how they decide to style their outfits with accessories on a daily basis, it makes me realize how many different preferences there are when it comes to wearing jewelry.

Some people have matching sets to go with every outfit, some have a wide variety of costume and non-costume jewelry, and some have a few meaningful pieces that go with everything and that they never take off.

I fall somewhere in the middle. I have many pieces with meaning (like things M got me while he was deployed, or things that were my mom's when she was my age, for example), some with value and some with  not so much value, and many more costume-y pieces that I either made or just liked for some reason. I like to have a lot of options. That is why I like to make my own jewelry!

Now, I am no professional, so everything I do involves beads of some kind and very rudimentary jewelry-making practices, but I am very happy with the outcome of most of the things I make! My style is a little bit more on the classic side, so this it is easy to make some simple things that work perfectly. :)

If you want some customized creations that you can tailor to your favorite outfits (and something to keep your hands busy while binge-watching crime shows on TV), hit up the jewelry-making section at Michaels or Hobby Lobby!

Here are a few of my own creations (as you can see, I really like pearls!):

I found this cool DIY list to get you started. :)

Do you DIY your accessories? I would love it if you'd post links to your DIYs in the comments!

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