Friday, April 12, 2013

the Liebster Award chronicles: 11 facts about me

As you know, my Liebster Award nomination requires me to share 11 facts about myself. I actually loved figuring out what to share. I tried to come up with some unknown or little-known facts about myself, so here they are:

1.      I have a huge sweet tooth. Ice cream, in particular, does not last very long in our house. It is my kryptonite! 

2.      I have a major weakness for trashy TV. It pains me to admit this. 

3.      I had a Southern accent for the first few years of my life. Those who know me would be shocked, as I have a very Northern accent now. 

4.      I just recently came to terms with my eclectic style. For some reason I have always had it in my mind that once you are an “adult”, you do not have mismatched home d├ęcor or DIY/recycled/upcycled anything. That is SO not true! My decorating style is very eclectic and shabby chic, with a little bit of retro mixed in. I love it. 

5.      Speaking of coming to terms with things, this year is the first one I have stopped wrestling with my curly (thick, coarse, frizzy) hair! I am finally okay with it. We have our good and bad days, but overall, I am happy. 

6.      Household chores I hate include unloading the dishwasher (I like loading it though), cleaning the toilet, and taking the garbage out. 

7.      Household chores I actually like doing include laundry (washing and folding), cleaning the kitchen, and mopping. 

8.      I am a DIY girl, but I believe in having some quality, staple, expensive or designer items like shoes and purses, and a little black dress or two. 

9.      My husband and I give our pets haircuts! We have a cat who hates to go to the vet and groomer but who is a longhair and pretty overweight (no judging please, we are trying but she is part Maine Coon, so she is big to begin with), and a longhaired dog. We shave both of them ourselves. We are not the best barbers. 

10.  I love making to-do lists. On paper. And I love crossing things off! 

11.  I go out of my way to save bugs when I see they are in danger, like worms on the sidewalk or a beetle in a container of water. 

 Stay tuned, I will answer the 11 questions Erin asked of me, and announce my nominees for the Liebster Award! How exciting!

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