Monday, April 15, 2013

Fancy on a budget: thrift-store tray re-do

Recently I found this amazing gold, mirrored tray at a thrift store (I actually ended up getting it for free). It was a little dusty, a little rusty, and the mirror part was a little scratched, but all I saw was its awesome potential. I bought it. I thought about how much M loves scotch, and how much both of us love to entertain, and realized how great wine and scotch decanters would look on this tray.

But it desperately needed a makeover. I showed it to M and he made a genius suggestion of using a very tinny, cheap-gold-foil-looking spray paint. I loved that idea, so I went out and bought the spray paint right away. We had some friends coming in from out of town over the weekend and a party planned, so it was the perfect pre-party project.

Here are the before pictures of the tray:

I just took the mirror and the back off, wiped the frame down, and added a couple of very thin coats of RustOleum gold spray paint. While it was drying I used some Windex to clean the mirror, and when it was dry I put it all back together. It was perfect!!

Here is how it turned out:

This is easily one of my favorite thrifty finds. What is the crowning moment of all of your thrifting experiences?


  1. I love this!!!! I'm totally going to the thrift stores to look for something like this! (my husband loves scotch too, I really don't get it, but w/e) My favorite thrift store find is this old picture frame, I spray painted the frame, then did some hard line painting on a piece of plywood that I cut to fit the frame. Total project $3, and it looks fabulous!

    1. Thank you! Hint: I got it at the swap and assist. Just bring a bag of stuff you don't want and you can take whatever you want. Its awesome. Thursdays from 10-2. :) I love the idea of a thrifted frame with your own art in it!