Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Sugar 'N Spice VoxBox

As I am sure I have written before, I love Influenster, and I love testing new products and recommending new and amazing things to my friends.

I was selected for another Influenster box, the Sugar 'N Spice VoxBox. In it, I found some awesome products, including one I had been just dying to try....Vaseline Spray & Go lotion!

I have already tried the Spray & Go a few times, and so far, I love it. I also got Dickinson's all-natural witch hazel towelettes, BelVita breakfast biscuits, Nectresse sweetener, and Colgate Optic White mouthwash, toothpaste and a toothbrush!

I am looking forward to testing and reviewing! I have one invite left to be an Influenster member, so if anyone happens to want an invite, please let me know!


  1. I have used Influenster since you let me know about it. I am having a hard time knowing what to do on there and how to get the free stuff you talked to me about.

    1. Oh, I can help you out. Email me and let me know what you're having problems with. Basically, you unlock the badges and link social media for a higher score, and then based on the info you've given about yourself and the badges you've unlocked, you can get picked for different boxes. You won't get picked every time, but getting your badge score higher will help.

    2. Thanks Emily. I just need patients an to spend more time on there. =)

      I nominated your for a little blog award. Not a biiiig thing, just to bring you some recognition.