Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sole Society Shoes

About a week ago, I received my new pair of Sole Society shoes. I got a great deal on them, since I had a promo code that got me half off! That is wonderful. I almost never pass up an opportunity to get a pair of shoes I want at a discount.

I bought these cute little nude flats:

Buuuuut... they don't fit right. I really love them and wish they did! There is another pair of mustard-colored wedges I am just in love with, that I would love to exchange them for....

Here is the part where I give my honest opinion: so far, I am not too impressed with Sole Society. I really like the site, and I appreciate the discount code, but I am not very excited to order from them again. They make returns and exchanges very hard, and their customer service seems slow. There is no option to return my shoes on the website (there are instructions on my packing slip that came with the shoes, but the instructions are incorrect and do not work). I have contacted customer service with my problem, but no one has gotten back to me. On top of that, they charge a $7.95 restocking fee for each pair of shoes returned, so if you want to exchange them, you are actually going to have to pay $8 to do so. I felt like it was hardly worth it. The last thing is, I can no longer use my promo code ($25 off your first pair of shoes) for the pair I would like to exchange these for, so they will be twice the price. I might just search for some mustard wedges on Zappos or Amazon.

With as much as I love to save money and get a good deal, it pains me to pay a restocking fee of nearly $8.

I realize that was not the best review, but the shoes I got were good quality and cute. If you're sure of your size and you know the shoes will fit you, here is the discount code for your first pair: INFLUENSTER25, and it is good until the end of the month.

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