Thursday, January 17, 2013

I couldn't resist!

Who doesn't love a super thoughtful gift that won't break the bank? For Christmas, some friends of ours commissioned a very funny British guy to sing a Christmas Carol for my husband and me. The best part? He was wearing a tinsel-covered thong. Even better? He said our names!! I couldn't believe it. The look on my face was priceless, my husband said. Our friends posted the video on one of our Facebook walls, and tagged us in it for everyone to see. It was awesome.

So of course, after seeing this amazingly creative gift that our friends got us, I went searching for something equally as creative to do for them in return. The things I found were amazing, but super expensive. Did you know that there is an evil clown who will stalk your child and send them threatening text messages the week of their birthday? I would have loved to have gotten a clown to stalk our friends! Of course that is out, though, because while its a funny prank, I don't want to scare them! It is also probably very expensive.

After seeing our profuse praise of their gift, our friends told us that they only paid $5 for that incredibly thoughtful and hilarious gift! How could this be? They went to a site called Fiverr, where everything is $5. How awesome! Here's how it works: people from all over the world take stock of what they are good at (or maybe even terrible at) and what people might find beneficial, and then they offer to do it for $5. You can find anything on this site! There are people who will sing in thongs, people who will crochet you a cute mini-monster and send it to you, people who will give you math tutorials, and people who will do advertising for you. I searched and searched, and I found this amazing gift for our friends:

This guy will write whatever you want him to on his amazing beer gut for $5. Is there a better gift?

The moral of the story  here is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE giving gifts any chance I get, and it is made even better by the fact that I am not paying an arm and a leg to do it. I am happy to have found, and to be sharing, Fiverr. 

Happy gifting! 


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