Sunday, November 16, 2014

Free the Lumberjack Plaid!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall and winter, and I LOVE lumberjack/buffalo plaid. I have pretty girly style, so I find it challenging to wear plaid and still achieve the look I want. However, when I found this dress (FOR FREE), I had to have it.

I found this lovely piece of 90's, Dollar General store fashion at the swap on base when M was overseas. I have been saving it for a year, procrastinating and waiting for cooler weather. I was super motivated yesterday and decided that the cold weather and the occasion were perfect for this cute, warm little number. Yay!

I did not get a "before" picture of me wearing it, but it looks pretty pioneery. I also thought for a minute that it might be pajamas or a house robe (which I would still have worn as clothes, ha!), but the belt told me otherwise. Here it is before I got to it (complete with shoulder pads):

Whoever bought it back in the day paid $5.00 on clearance. I got it for free and it had never even been worn !

So I removed the shoulder pads, shortened the hem, and thought it would be perfect. However, I noticed it was kind of saggy in the boob area and looked boxy up top. I thought adding some darts in the "under boob" area (gosh I am so eloquent) would help, and it did! I also found that the sleeves were very baggy (ah, the 90s) and so I rolled them up because they looked a lot more like pajamas or a pioneer dress rolled down.

A perfect outfit to wear in the cold weather when you're going to Medieval Times for a friend's birthday dinner. :)

Hope you like it! What are you wearing to stay warm? 

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