Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Special Mother's Day Upcycle

Hello everyone, I have not been so creative lately. Well, I guess I should say I haven't been super motivated. I have been so busy... both with work and with May being the month that everyone seemed to want to visit, it has been crazy!

As many of you know, my beloved grandfather passed away in December. I was incredibly close to him, and of course my mother was really close to him. I traveled down South to grab some of Grandad's clothes to use for various special refashions in the future, and I thought my mom would like to have something made from his clothes.

...So I made some cute throw pillows from some of my Grandad's old button-down shirts.

These are not the shirts I used, because I chose two others at the last minute. However, you get the idea. I used these two 16"x16" throw pillow inserts that I got from Michael's.

I laid the shirts out, cut the sleeves off, and then cut the top of the shirt off. After that, I turned the shirt inside out and laid the pillow on top. 

After that, I pinned the fabric together about an inch or so larger than the outline of the pillow. Then I sewed it down on all sides (normally you would leave an opening to turn the fabric right side in again, and stuff, but since the front of the shirt still opens with the use of the buttons, I could sew all of the sides down.). 

Afterward, I unbuttoned the buttons, turned the shirt right side in again, and stuffed the pillow insert inside. I buttoned it back up and voila! I was finished. These are a really cute, easy project. I think my mom will really love them. 

Are you DIYing Mother's Day presents? What are you making? I would love to hear about it! 


  1. What a great idea! I really love the idea of taking old dress shirts and doing this to them.

  2. I put this on Pinterest. Hope you don't mind. :). Thanks for the tutorial.