Sunday, November 3, 2013

Frightfully Frumpy to Fall Fabulous!

I found this super frumpy dress at a local thrift store, where I stuffed an entire grocery bag (and I mean STUFFED!) for $4! This dress cost me under a dollar, I am sure. I hated the puffy sleeves, and the super-frumpy length, but I love the print and the buttons on the front. The silhouette was super cute too, AFTER I shortened it. :)

Here is the before picture... kinda Amish-looking, right?

But like I said, I love the print.

I used a seam ripper to take the puffy sleeves off, and then I folded the unfinished fabric over twice. I cut triangles in the fabric (which was a tip I learned from the ReFashionista) to make it easier to fold over. I will say, though, this fabric is entirely rayon, and is absolutely terrible to work with. I had a really hard time. It literally took me two weeks to finish this dress that should have taken 2-3 hours, max. I just had to keep stopping due to frustration! I finally got it, after having to take the stitches out twice! It still did not turn out perfectly, but I doubt anyone will notice. :)

 Then, I cut and shortened the hem. I turned it under twice, because this fabric frays very easily.

All finished!

Do you have a favorite fall refashion? I would love to hear about it! :)

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