Friday, October 4, 2013

Rice-a-rific Pillows: Rice Bag Refashions

I LOVE burlap. I love coffee bags, potato sacks (do they even make those out of burlap anymore?), and I especially love rice bags! I had a few of them laying around the house that I was saving until I figured out what I wanted to do with them when I thought of how awesome they would look on our bed as throw pillows. I was right!

What an easy project! I couldn't wait to get started, so here is what I did:

I had some thrifted fabric lying around that I used in the decorations I made for our wedding (the colors were chocolate brown, cream, and blush/pink), but it is super polyester, so it frays and just is generally not a fabric I will want to use for anything in the future, really. Perfect for this project. I decided that I would actually make some quick pillows to go inside the rice bags instead of just stuffing the rice bags themselves. 

I cut the polyester fabric to be about the same size as the rice bag. If you do this, don't be too careful about the shape of it. Unless it is SUPER lopsided, no one will notice because rice bag burlap is really thick and stiff and doesn't show too many imperfections. 

I did not even pin them together, I just sewed the edges about half an inch in, and not that straight. If you want a cleaner look of the inside pillows, or if these are going to be gifts, you can pin them. Just make sure when you're sewing to leave a place to put the stuffing.

After I sewed the sides and left the top open, I stuffed the pillows and then just sewed the top shut. Again, since these were just for our use I did not try to make a clean seam.

Voila. Complete with purple thread because I don't curr.

Then I stuffed that pillow in the rice bag, and zipped!

I chose to leave the handles on the rice bags because I thought they were cute.

Omg I just love them. I also love the fact that if we stop using them as pillows someday, they are intact so I can repurpose them into something else. I am so excited about this super easy project!!

Do you have a project that you are just so excited about? I would love to hear about it! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These pillows are so cute! I've never seen a sack made out of any fabric though.. around here it's always some sort of boring ol' plasticy stuff. Great job and thanks for linking up to the Friday Pin Fest! I hope to see you there next Friday!

    1. Oh no! I hate the weird plasticy bags! I know exactly what you're talking about! Thanks so much for the comment and for hosting the link-up! I will definitely be back. :)

  2. super cute. Stopping by from Blog Strut

  3. Those pillows are really cute. I also love the pictures and boxes above the bed.

    1. Oh, thank you so much! We had such a big space above our bed that we had to put something there. I made those paintings out of acrylic paint and leftover buttons I had. :)