Friday, August 23, 2013

The skirt had potential... a frumpy-to-fabulous refashion!

While digging around at the Fort Gordon thrift store, I found a very large skirt, the pattern of which I thought had a lot of potential.

I could just see it: tights, booties, a short hemline, and those beeeeeeautiful fall colors.

It was huge, though. And long, and frumpy.

This picture doesn't really capture the frumpiness... especially when it is sitting next to that VERY frumpy dirty rug. :)

I pinned the sides so the skirt would fit me. I wanted it to come to my natural waist, so that is where I pinned it. After pinning it and being sure I got it right, I sewed it. Note that I do not care what color thread I use (because I am too lazy to rethread and change the bobbin!), especially if no one is going to see it!

I then cut the pockets out (I usually like pockets, they were just in the wrong spot after pinning and sewing, so I eliminated them), and THEN Fatty sat on my project.

He hates when Fatty gets all the attention.

I turned the skirt inside-out and cut off all of the excess. But I still had to do something about that length...

So I tried it on to figure out how short I wanted it to be, I decided, and then I cut off the excess fabric, leaving about an inch and a half to two inches to create the hem with. I like a lot of fabric to work with. You can always cut more off, but you cannot add length easily. I make a lot of mistakes, so I like to give myself a lot of room. :)

 I actually left this back-tie thing that was originally on the skirt, because I LOVE bows. I think it is super cute!

Now, even though it is still summer, I put on some tights and some booties, and a $4 Walmart white tank top, grabbed a sweater and headed out the door with M to go to Trivia at a cute local dive bar! Of course, not before giving the babies hugs and kisses (don't mind the mess, and the fact that the garbage can has to stay on the counter while we're gone or Clyde helps himself to a trash buffet)!

Here is me with my beautiful friend Ariel at trivia! We won third place (with no help from me, I am TERRIBLE at trivia)!

Have you ever run across a piece of clothing that you loved MOST things about? Did you buy it and change it, or did you leave it? Have a favorite refashion? I would love to hear about it. :)


  1. I love how your kitty manages to photo bomb in your projects. And great job on the skirt!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  2. Sarah, thank you! Yes, that is FatSpice. She manages to lay all over anything that I happen to think is important. Homework, textbooks, projects... she even tries to lay on my dinner sometimes. Crazy Fatty.
    Thanks for hosting!

  3. Thank you for linking up! What a creative and fabulous idea! It's super cute. Would love to see you back this week on What I'm Loving Fridays!

    xo Lulu
    *What I'm Loving Fridays*