Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Challenge... 14 before 2014 (the first few)

Well, things HAD been going just a little less than awesomely lately, as my husband has been overseas for a year and was supposed to have been back to me on the 6th, at the latest. There were some major complications with his release, but now we are happily on our honeymoon in Germany! What, I didn't tell you that we were going? Yep, we have had this planned for a while and had to move it back a week, and even then did not know if it was going to happen. I guess I thought that if I mentioned looking forward to it, I would jinx it! :) We are happy to have the hard times behind us and to finally be together.

So... now the reason for this post:

Since I have been a little preoccupied with cleaning and preparing for my husband's return and our honeymoon, I decided to forgo the tutorial or craft to get my crafting thoughts organized and make a list of all the things I would love to do before 2013 ends. When I do them, I will write about it. Just so you know, I chose the number 14 to make it cute. :) Besides, it was a reasonable number. I don't think I can do 2014 projects before the end of the year! :)

1. Chan Luu-style beaded wrap bracelet
My friend Laura, who is a new blogger at Just Add Eis, mentioned the other day that she wanted a ladder bracelet and found some on Etsy but they were more than she was willing to pay for something that she thought she might be able to make herself. That got me thinking. I love love love shopping on Rue La La and have been coveting all of the awesome Chan Luu bracelets for sale. The cheapest ones there have been around $60-80, but I know they can go all the way up to around $300. For example, I love this one, but would I pay $295 for it? No. Soooo I would like to try and make my own. And... it just so happens that I have PLENTY of buttons.

I found this really awesome tutorial for how to make this bracelet.

2. Infused vodka
We grow SO MANY HERBS AND PEPPERS! I have to admit. I am super addicted to growing hot peppers, but at the end of each growing season, we are left with so many hot peppers that we are trying to find uses for. I mean, how many hot peppers can one person eat? I was thinking about how cool it would be to infuse vodka with jalapenos or cayenne or serrano peppers and then give it as gifts around the holidays for our family and friends who love bloody marys. This is definitely one I am excited to try.

Here is a blog post from Bon Appetit about how to infuse your booze.

3. Floor Pouf
I have been wanting to make one of these for a while now, and I found this amazing tutorial on how to make one with cheap rugs from Ikea. I probably will not make mine with rugs from Ikea, as we have no Ikea within a close distance. I will probably use upholstery fabric from my fabric stash that I cut to the same size. What a fun project, I think this one will be awesome... Even though we don't need any more furniture!

4. Table setting "dollar store kitchen art"
I found an amazing tutorial for some really cute place setting wall hangings over at Crap I've Made. I think these would be fun and easy to make and would look so cute in our house! Here is the tutorial. I love it!

5. DIY cooling spray
So... any woman of my age can probably relate to having a mother who is going through menopause. My poor mother is always ripping off whatever jacket she happens to be wearing and fanning herself frantically. She could really use something to cool her down, especially during the night when she wakes up with the sweats due to a hot flash. I sure do not look forward to that time, and I really hate to see my mama suffer. The formula for this DIY refreshing cooling spray that I found here is made with aloe vera gel, cranberry juice, essential oils, and a few other ingredients. I love this idea.

6. Natural tooth whitening
I pinned this several months ago, meaning to try it. My coffee-drinking habits discourage me from trying any sort of expensive whitening products, because I know I am just going to go drink coffee and ruin it! This cheap, natural way of doing it is perfect for me. If it doesn't work, I am not out a whole bunch of money.

Here is a Dr. Oz recipe for natural tooth whitening.

Now... to get back to our honeymoon! I have missed posting so much. We leave Germany tomorrow, so it will be back to regular posts in a few days! Best of all... I have my husband back. For good!!!

Expect to see a post about packing. I love the strategy and thought involved, and cannot wait to share some tips I have learned.

There will be more "14 before 2014" to come as I compile the rest of the list of projects I reeeeeally want to do.

What about you? Fall will be here soon, is there anything you really want to get done before 2014?

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